What kinds of essays are there?

An essay can be written in different ways depending on what goals its author pursues, how he is going to achieve them. For this reason, and varieties of essays since its first appearance, too, has become quite a lot.
Why do you need to know the different types of work? The fact is that knowing the types of essays will help you write work in a certain direction, not just chaotically write down your thoughts. For example, if you choose an argumentative essay, then your job is to convince readers of something with strong arguments or to encourage them to do something.
Classification of essays
All types of essays can be divided into different classes depending on the basis of the classification.
Descriptive. This option is usually used to acquaint readers with some new products in home appliances, cars, the fashion world or other field. Use the description easy to tell readers how to solve in practice, a particular life task.
Causal. For such an essay, one reason for a phenomenon is taken, and all the consequences to which it led are considered. For example, you think the cause of pollution of a particular area of old equipment located in the area of the plant. In this case, you should consider all the possible consequences of this equipment: its impact on the health of people working at the plant and living nearby, on the flora and fauna, on the products, etc. Another option is possible when the author of the essay considers many reasons that led to the same consequence.
Comparative. This version of the essay involves comparisons of several objects or different sides of the same topic. Conclusions in this work are made depending on the purpose of the comparison. For example, if you compare several types of lawn mowers, then at the end you can give recommendations on their use for mowing lawns of different types.
Conceptual. This kind of work is necessary to consider different concepts. You can consider several options for the definition of the same term, disclosed in different sources, compare them, derive their own definition based on them. It is also possible to carry out classification of the different concepts.
Argumentative. The main objective of such an essay is to convince readers of something with the help of the arguments put forward. Persuasion may be accompanied by an incentive to act. For example, you want to convince readers to join a particular organization. In this case, you should logically build all the available facts about the activities of this organization: to describe on concrete examples and in figures its achievements, the benefits it has brought to other people and its members. The result of such an essay can be the entry of students into the organization.
Analytical. The defining element of such an essay is the analysis of a problem. For example, you want to find out how the activity of a particular artist influenced the painting of his contemporaries. In this case, your thoughts will be reduced to the analysis of the works of different artists and the identification of certain patterns in them.
Scientific and journalistic. The author of such an essay should acquaint readers with certain scientific facts, present knowledge using scientific terms, but do it in an accessible and fun way. An essay of this kind resembles materials in Newspapers, news feeds, designed for the General public.
Art. Such essays often cover stories, novels, short stories and other literary works, as well as humanitarian issues. An art essay should be written in the form of reasoning, in which the independence and originality of the presented judgments comes to the fore.
Philosophical. The essay of this type should Express its attitude to any philosophical issues or consider the activities of a particular author from the perspective of his attitude to the eternal and eternal. For example, you can consider the question of good and evil or life and death in the specific works of the selected author.
Literary-critical. They provide a critical analysis of a work or parts of it. The purpose of this essay is to give a subjective assessment of the work using artistic techniques. Literary-critical essay should be different emotionality and associativity.
There are other classifications of essays depending on the chosen basis for the distribution of works in different categories (e.g. autobiographical essay, introductory essay, descriptive).

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