What is essay?

Many students and schoolchildren often have a question: what is an abstract and, as they say, what is it eaten with? We understand the definition.

An abstract is a report on a topic chosen by the author, or coverage of the content of any article, book, scientific work or other scientific work. That is, this author’s research, which reveals the essence of the given topic, reflects and gives different opinions about the question or problem and represents the point of view of the author of the abstract.

What kind of information should be contained in the student or school work with the title of the abstract? The theme chosen by the author should be first of all justified, noted the relevance of the issue or problem, to highlight the recognized in the scientific world and confirmed by experiments results and facts, to reflect the most authoritative opinions of scientists and researchers of the chosen field. Formally, the abstract consists of the title page, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion and references.

Working on the abstract, it is necessary to adhere to a certain sequence of actions. If you clearly understand the algorithm, then writing essays in the future will be easier and easier. First, you need to choose an original and relevant topic. It is desirable that the topic was primarily of interest to you. Then identify the sources with which you will have to work, and carefully study them, organize and process. To precede writing of the abstract it is necessary to develop and drawing up the plan. This is perhaps the most important point in the process. Completes the work on the abstract providing his supervisor, or a public speech.

Introduction, or introduction, of the abstract involves the justification of the subject, its relevance, a clear definition of the goals and objectives of the work, a review of the literature on the selected topic and applications (if required). The main part of the abstract-the most important, it reveals the essence of the chosen topic or problem, provides theoretical justification, evidence base, arguments, the author’s point of view is supported by references to the authoritative opinions of experts, the results of experiments and research, and so on.

The conclusion contains the main conclusions on the results of the work done, the author’s conclusions, the results are given, recommendations are indicated, suggestions are made.

That is so simple and clear, now, what is abstract, you know.

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