Tips for Writing a Get Well Message

A bowl of warmth, a soft face, a new day. Some get-well thoughts sent your way.

Often when someone close to you is not keeping well, you find it difficult to word your emotions. Writing a get well message can be a difficult task for many. It has to be simple, short, and most importantly – it is supposed to be heartfelt.

In case you are planning to visit someone who is not doing well, you might also want to carry some fresh flowers along with the card. These cards can carry an appropriate message. In case you pick a blank card, you can word it out as you like.

Always consider the seriousness of the situation before you compose your message. Remember that illness can be a short-term minor health problem as well as grave and acute. In case you are planning to visit a person with a grave illness, it is not advisable to write a funny or overly dramatic message.

In case the person is suffering from a minor health problem or a minor injury, it is okay to send them a funny get well message. You can also think of some funny anecdotes and jokes to tell the patient, while on your visit.

First of all you should express how sorry you are about the patient’s ill-health. Do not make it sound very dramatic or use flowery language. Just keep it simple but make sure it is sincere.

Do not mention instances about people who were suffering from the same ailment or injury. Avoid talking about diseases and injuries at all. Try to keep the conversation as pleasant and cheerful as possible.

Get Well Soon hand crafted card and present box

In case you are writing a get well message for a colleague, you can mention how you miss him/her at work or how you are hoping to see him/her back to work as soon as possible.

Such messages motivate the patient to recover soon. Convey your best wishes and regards for a speedy recovery. Words of encouragement serve as moral support and help induce positive thinking.

Gift basket

In addition to sending a get well card, you can also think of other ideas to cheer up the patient like bringing flowers with you or a gift basket.

In case you are planning to take fruits or other goodies, you have to ensure that the doctor has not advised against any of the things that you are carrying. In addition to this, you can also take some entertaining magazines or books, which will help keep the patient entertained during bed rest.

While sending a get well message to someone, it is always better to visit the person instead of sending an email or even a text message, especially if you live close enough to go to hospital.

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