Structure and outline of the essay

Trying to write an essay without a plan and following a certain structure can result in a messy job. At the same time, essays submitted by students should contain certain elements, and the plan will help to write the work faster and follow the given structure clearly.
The structure of the essay
The essay should contain the following elements: title page, introduction, main part, conclusion and references. At the same time, for each of these elements there are certain rules of design (see below).
Title page.  It should specify the name of the educational structure, standing over your University, the name of the University, faculty and Department, where you study. This information is located at the top of the sheet. In the middle part indicates the type of work (essay), the name of the discipline and the theme of the work. In the lower part indicate the information about the student who wrote the essay, and the teacher who will check it, indicate the place and date of the work.
Introduction. In this part of the essay, you should briefly convey the essence of the problem, as well as show how important it is for society to consider it. The introduction formulates the objectives of the work, the tasks that will help to obtain the desired results, and the key concepts necessary for the disclosure of the topic.
Main part. This is the main element of the essay, which should be the largest and most informative. In this part, you must achieve the goals set out in the introduction. For example, if the purpose of the work was to establish a relationship between cause and effect, then it is in this part that you describe in detail the cause, all the consequences that it led to, and identify the connection between them. For ease of reading, the main part can be divided into sections and subsections with their own titles.
Conclusion. In this part of work it is necessary to draw conclusions to which you came when considering this problem. Depending on the type of essay, the conclusion may contain your recommendations for the use of certain things, calls for further action or the continuation of your little research.
List of references. All sources to which there are references in the essay must be included in the list of references. The rules do not regulate the number of sources, but it is recommended to use textbooks and other educational literature to a minimum. Instead, it is necessary to include articles from journals, monographs and other sources in which the positions of different authors on the problem under consideration are presented.
Essay plan
The outline of the essay is in many ways similar to the detailed outline of the work. Its main purpose is to have a support, a ready-made structure, which will then be overgrown with facts, arguments, examples or judgments. The plan will help you to move consistently from one point to another without losing the logical sequence of reasoning.
To create a work plan, list the main points that you are going to disclose, or key ideas of the work. Next to each item, specify the arguments that are required in the item, or the actions that you want to perform. Here is a multiple of the facts or information necessary for the disclosure of these items. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that your arguments must be of two types: theoretical, when you refer to well-known representatives of the sphere of activity under consideration (writers, artists, scientists, etc.), and practical, when you give examples from personal experience, from history or someone else’s social experience.
The plan can be written as the main part of the essay, and throughout the work, in particular, to paint on the points of the introduction and conclusion of the essay.

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