Rules of essay writing

To make a quality essay is not so difficult, if you deal with the structure, types of essays and comply with a number of simple rules. These rules will help you to avoid a blank page and not to deviate from the topic during its consideration.

1. Before you start working with the essay, be sure to accurately formulate the topic. If you think to write something about the life of a student, then “something” you will get instead of a clear essay with a specific problem and ways to solve it. For example, the topic “the impact of the smartphone on the lives of University students” is more specific, but can affect different areas of life from health to career building, while the phrase “Smartphone as a means of education of University students” will focus you on the educational potential of smartphones. The more accurately the topic is defined, the less likely to get away from it.

2. When you begin an introduction or conclusion, do not try to write them as it is done in fiction. Although the essay implies a greater expressiveness of thoughts, yet in the introduction you need to withstand a certain logic: to describe the problem and its relevance, the goals and objectives of your essay, the study of the problem and the basic concepts of the work. The only thing you can do is through a variety of artistic techniques and speaking that are inappropriate in the same coursework or graduation papers.

3. Observe the recommended amount of work. If the teacher gave the task to write an essay on 7-8 pages, it is not necessary to write a whole essay on 20-30 pages. The teacher will not be delighted with the need to check your multi-page creation, especially if you just spread the thought, repeating throughout the essay the same thing.

4. Divide the text into paragraphs up to about 500 characters long. Many students do not think about paragraphs at all, which is why the essay turns into a long canvas that is difficult to read. On the contrary, make it easier to read by introducing subtitles, placing emphasis on individual words or phrases.

5. Keep in mind the plan of the essay, otherwise in the course of their arguments will constantly move away from the topic of work. If you do not have a plan, it is better to make it, even in the form of sketches.

6. Do not try to write beautifully at once. There are creative people whose thoughts flow like a song, and the proposals are one more beautiful than the other. Ordinary people, the paper sheet often causes a screeching halt, even when verbally or in thought he is a pretty smooth text. Just let yourself go and let yourself write as you write. Later, you will correct the speech and make it more vivid.

7. After writing the draft version, start working closely with it. To make the text more expressive, add interesting examples from the history or activities of a company, give statistics, set an unexpected task or make a striking comparison. Not everyone can write beautifully, but in the essay is important not so much the beauty of the presentation, as the opportunity to surprise the reader, to influence his emotions, so he wanted to look for a solution to the problem with you. Enliven boring phrases and simplify complex expressions, then your essay will just sparkle with colors!

8. Competently draw up an essay according to the recommendations of the methods of your University or state standards

9. After writing the last sentence, students often sigh with relief and … throw the essay for many weeks, not wanting to type it on the computer or check. You should not stop working at this step, even if you do not have a computer with a printer or the desired level of literacy. Also, do not neglect the test, because teachers do not like illiterate work. Look around you — the students enough guys that will help you solve the problem with the kit or bug fixes.

You may think that to write a good essay you need to know and be able to do too much. And it is true, but all this knowledge and skills in many ways intersect with those that are needed when writing essays, term papers and theses. In any case, we advise you to try to write an essay yourself. “Academician” will always help you to make an essay more expressive and competent or to write it from scratch.

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