Questions in the essay: how to ask and answer

When writing an essay, the author often asks the reader a rhetorical question or asks about a problem. But you need to ask questions and answer them according to certain rules, otherwise your essay will not be interesting and deep enough.
Should I start my essay with a question?
To answer this question, let’s remember what the introduction to the essay is for. Its main task is to identify the problem raised in the work, and to make it so that the reader immediately forgot about all his worries and plunged into reading an exciting essay.
Now imagine that your essay is called “Features of modern office equipment”, and you start with this question: “what are the features of modern office equipment?”. Consider the reader asleep on the first line of the essay. This does not mean that you can not start with a question, but it should be such as to cause the reader vivid emotions.
It is best to do this through the so-called eyeliner to the question: tell a short and memorable story, give a vivid example or unexpected statistics. You can start with imagination, if, for example, the theme is devoted to the workplace of the student of the future. This will take the reader into the world of possibilities and smoothly lead to the question like: “What can be a student’s workplace in a hundred years?”.
Many questions or not enough?
Some authors literally throw questions at the reader, believing that it will take him longer to reflect on their ideas. But a large number of questions, on the contrary, tires the reader. He started reading the work to get to know your point of view, rather than getting dozens of new questions to those that he has not yet found an answer to.
Especially it is not necessary to list a lot of questions in a row. If you are impressed by the form of questions and answers, then there should be no more than one question per paragraph. Ideally, in the essay, one key question is enough, to which you will answer”in the course of the play.”
How to ask and answer questions?
Do not rush to ask obvious questions like what is given at the beginning (about the features of office equipment). The question should surprise, puzzle with its unexpected statement, and not just facilitate the reader’s reading process.
You can use the question to make a spectacular pause and switch the reader to your thoughts. For example, when telling a fascinating story, ask :” what do you think, what did it lead to?”. Even if the reader does not want to think, at this point, it is likely, at least for a few seconds will present its version of events. This will make his emotional involvement in your essay stronger.
You can switch the reader to yourself in other ways. For example, in the case of the theme of the workplace of the student of the future, ask the question: “what are you sitting on now? And imagine that this chair or chair can…”. This switch will bring you closer to the reader and help him to remember your essay for a long time. But do not forget that in this way you are already building a trusting relationship with him, so your words should not be rude, slang and heavy humor. This is especially true of works handed over to the teacher.
Do not rush yourself and answer your questions. Sometimes the answer to the main question is logical to give only at the end, once or twice repeating it in the main part of the essay to reach the climax. Some questions should remain open to readers of your essay themselves looking for answers. But do not forget that there should not be many such questions.
What questions to answer in the essay?
It may happen that you do not know what to write an essay about, what questions should be disclosed in it. In this case, it is necessary to understand at what stage you are stuck. If you have not yet decided on the exact topic, we recommend you to study the article on the choice of essay topic. After that, it is necessary to understand what an essay is and what its structure is. Having dealt with the topic and what should be considered in the introduction, the main and final parts of the essay, you will be able to formulate and questions that will be answered in the essay.
In General, it is enough to put forward one statement and ask one question in the introduction of the essay, in which to identify the problem of the work. In the main part you will have to answer it, giving a few arguments to prove the claim. In conclusion, you go back to the main question of the essay and give a more detailed answer to it from the position of everything that was considered in the main part.
Skillful use of questions will help you to make the essay more vivid, dynamic, interesting for the reader. This essay is easier to write, as it will cause emotions and desire to continue to work.

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