How to write an introductory essay

When entering the University, business school or other educational institutions in recent years are increasingly required to write a so-called introductory essay. This is a small job in which the applicant must best demonstrate himself / herself, his / her abilities. How to write an introductory essay that it was pleasant to the Commission?

Get acquainted with the conditions

First of all, carefully study the rules for the essay. Often, educational institutions describe in detail the topics of the essay, the issues that the applicant should disclose, as well as the requirements for the structure and design of the essay. If there is no such information, read what an essay is, what are the criteria for its evaluation, get acquainted with the typical structure of the essay, etc.

In the next step, try to gather enough information about the institution itself, first of all, by studying its website. Find out what the ideology of the institution is, what it focuses on (sports activities, building relationships with other organizations, social work, participation in competitive activities, etc.).

Focus on the right qualities

Try to imagine what is expected of a person who is applying for your specialty. What qualities, moral values, abilities should he have? This does not mean that you will attribute to yourself those qualities that you do not have, but understanding the expectations of the institution will help you focus on the desired properties. For example, if you are going to study journalism, the Commission is unlikely to be interested in your ability to embroider a cross, but the mention of communication skills, victories in literary competitions, the presence of published works will be very useful.

If you still have no idea about your future profession, search the Internet or printed literature for information about well-known figures of your specialty, watch documentaries and feature films. So you will better understand what awaits you in the future.

Make an essay plan

If you write about your strengths in free text, your work can be very messy. You can write a text to yourself to separate the emotional part then incorporate into their work. However, it is easier and more correct to make a plan, spending some time thinking about it, and then write an essay on it. List in the plan what you will include in the introduction, what your main statement will be, what arguments you will present to prove your statement. How will you do it spectacularly? The plan does not need to paint the details, but enough to make the necessary mark. For example, you note in the plan: “describe the story of my speech at the conference.”

According to a good plan, you can write a quality essay, gradually painting point by point of this plan.

Be original

Under no circumstances should you use the materials of last year’s essays or works downloaded from the Internet when writing an introductory essay. Today is not the time when the student can safely give someone else work for her and go unpunished. The teacher can easily detect the fact of cheating with the help of special programs.

Moreover, it is not necessary to use some techniques, ideas, phrases of other authors. Checking every year a huge number of works, members of the Commission is easy to recognize the borrowing. They are important not so much literacy or the ability to beautifully Express thoughts, as your responsibility, the ability to cope with the challenge and show originality.

Your originality should be manifested not only in the independent formulation of phrases, but also to find some flavor. You probably have some short interesting story, some important life observation, the question of the future profession, which does not give you peace of mind. Getting to the introduction, come up with something that will immediately interest readers. Your task-not for a moment to let the reader’s attention, so he did not start to get bored and turn the pages, and then effectively complete the essay with any of the types of conclusions.

To facilitate their work, applicants or students often take cliché phrases and literally oversaturate their work with them. We do not advise you to do this, especially when writing an introductory essay. The less in your work there will be template phrases, the higher her chance to be noticed.

Be responsible

The trouble with many future or current students is that they do not pay enough attention to the finished essay. At the same time, do not forget that, all other things being equal, the essay can solve the issue of your enrollment, so treat its writing and design with full responsibility. This means that the essay needs to be read several times carefully, to remove phrases that are insignificant for this work, to strengthen weak fragments and to carefully check for errors. It does not hurt to show the work and knowledgeable people, such as a friend of the teacher of the Russian language, or at least someone from friends.

We recommend that you not only follow the above guidelines, but also get enough experience writing an essay. The more essays on a variety of topics you write before you begin your introductory essay, the better and better you will get this kind of work.

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