How to write an introduction to an essay

Introduction for many students is one of the most difficult elements of the essay, over which they sit in vain for hours. This is due to the fact that in this part of the work it is necessary to formulate goals, to prove the relevance of the problem raised, as well as to touch upon other difficult concepts. To confidently pass this stage of work, to begin to understand each element of the essay.

Main elements of the introduction

The problem and its relevance. The introduction begins with a statement of the problem and an explanation of why it is so important to study it. Suppose that the problem with your work is the negative impact of computer games on school-age children. The relevance of the consideration of such a problem may lie in the fact that under the influence of games, the health of children deteriorates, their academic performance decreases, anxiety and conflict increases. Accordingly, the problem requires finding a solution to resolve it. Do not forget that you are writing an essay, not a strict scientific work, so you can present the problem in the form of questions, give your reasoning, use artistic techniques. Your task is also to make readers interested in the problem from the first lines.

Purpose and objectives of the work. Why did you take this particular topic of the essay? Perhaps you have some original solution to the problem. Perhaps you see this problem from a perspective that no one has considered before. The purpose of your work and will be to offer the author’s version of the solution to the problem or consider it with some special position. In this case, the tasks are specific actions to achieve your goal.

Knowledge of the problem. Some researchers are proud to reinvent the wheel, and then are surprised to find that, it turns out, half the world rides on the most advanced models of bicycles. Reading the literature on the topic of your essay, you can not only find out the degree of knowledge of the raised problem, but also meet with interesting ideas that can push you to the original solution to the problem.

Basic concept. The introduction also indicates which key concepts will be covered in the essay. These may be special terms on the subject of the essay that you will need in the course of reasoning.

Making an introduction to the essay

If the volume of the essay is 7-8 pages, then the introduction should be given from half to the whole page. For shorter works, the introductory part of the work can be reduced to a few paragraphs. Typically, the introduction is not accompanied by its own title. It should start with a new page, making similar to other sections of the essay.

The problem with a clean slate

What if there is a blank sheet in front of you for a long time? Just sketch out a rough draft of the main elements of the essay and move on to the next part. Write the final version of the introduction is much easier at the end of the work, when you have already prepared the main part and the conclusion. Your task is to go through the so-called “clean slate” stage, where many people simply quit their jobs. Also, don’t worry if the introduction or all the work doesn’t turn out as flawless as you’d like. Over time, you will write an essay better and better.

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