How to write an essay

Getting to the essay, many students do not suspect that the essay for the University is significantly different from the school version. If at school the essay is often understood as a simple presentation of the topic on 1-2 pages, then at the University this type of work has certain requirements. First of all, they relate to the structure of the essay and its design.
What are the difficulties in writing an essay?
Special complexity in the design of the essay can cause such elements:
• title page,
* essay text,
• list of references,
• links.
Title page
The first difficulty is to find a sample. If your Department has manuals for writing students ‘ works, then they certainly can be found samples of title pages.
You may also experience difficulties if you do not know the exact name of your University, Department, surname, degree and title of teacher. This information must be collected in advance, otherwise you just can not at the right time to issue the title page.
Finally, the very set of title page on the computer requires specific skills. If not, ask your friends for help.
Essay text
To properly arrange the text of the essay, you need to withstand a three-part structure:
write an introduction, main part and conclusion. The parts themselves on the letter are not allocated as it is done in the abstract or course work, but should be logically maintained. In this case, the main thesis should be presented in the introduction, arguments in the main part are given to prove the thesis, and conclusions are made in the conclusion.
List of references
The list of references must be present in the essay if in the text used links to the sources: magazines, Newspapers, articles, etc. Usually teachers stress that the presence of references and bibliography in an essay necessarily.
The list of references is made on a separate page after the text of the essay and includes all sources mentioned in the text.
The design of quotations and references in the essay requires an understanding of the types and rules of citation, as well as the rules of reference design.
The rules of formatting an essay
1. The essay is made on A4 sheets on one side of the sheet.
2. Text parameters are usually specified in the manuals of the University. If they are not present, it is recommended to choose 12 or 14 font size, set the Times New Roman type, set a one-and-a-half interval between lines, align the text to the width.
3. For the page you need to set the following field parameters: right field-1 cm, other fields-2 cm.
4. In the essay, is used sequentially numbered with the arrangement of the numbers at the top or bottom of the page in the center or on the right. The title page is not numbered, but is taken into account in the numbering (on the next page is placed number 2).
5. The title page is the first sheet of the essay and is drawn up on a separate page.
6. The text of the essay is written without making a separate page of introduction and conclusion. Also, do not write the headings “Introduction” and “Conclusion”. The text itself should be divided into separate paragraphs.
7. The list of references follows the text of the essay and is made on a separate page.
As you can see, there are a lot of subtleties in the design of the essay that you need to know. However, if you have previously written essays or term papers, you may notice a significant similarity in the design of all student works. “Academician” is always ready to help you in writing and writing a competent essay.

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