How to Say Goodbye in French

With the globalization, the world has definitely come closer and we find ourselves interacting with people from different parts of the world. Knowing a common language is essential for better communication and interaction. Now, here is a case. If you have made French acquaintances, you would wish to know some basic phrases in the French language like greetings and goodbyes. It is simply impossible to learn the complete language in a mere couple of days or months. But, greeting or wishing your French friends in their native language will definitely be appreciated.

Farewell in French

Au revoir is the most common and standard phrase of farewell in the French language. The exact translation of Au revoir or its exact English equivalent is goodbye, bye, or farewell.

Au revoir : (ō’ rə-vwär’) or (oh RVWAHR) or (o reh vwahr)

Adieu is another word in French to wish farewell to a person. Actually from old French origin, this word is commonly used in English language. However, one should note that Adieu is only said when the speaker is not going to meet the person for a long time. Adieu is pronounced as (ah dee yuh)

Here are some more phrases to say goodbye in the French language, along with pronunciations.

French Phrase Pronunciation English Equivalent
Au revoir o reh vwahr Goodbye, farewell
Salut sah loo Bye (informal)
À bientôt ah bee en toe See you soon
À demain ah duh men See you tomorrow
À ce soir ah suh swah See you tonight
À tout à l’heure too tah leur See you later
Bonne journée bunn jor nay Have a good day
À la prochaine fois a la pro shen fwah See you next time
Bonsoir bohn swah Good evening
Bonne nuit bun nu wee Good night

Common Phrases in French

There are also different ways to say how are you in French. You might also need these quick phrases for greeting in French used in a general conversation.

French Phrase Pronunciation English Equivalent
Bon jour bon zhoor Good morning/good day!
Comment allez-vous? kom mohn tah lay voo How are you?
Je vais bien zhuh vay bee ahn I am fine
Je m’appelle ABC jeh ma pel ABC My name is ABC
Comment vous appelez vous? co mohn voos ap lay voo What is your name?
Enchanté(e) ohn shahn tay Pleased to meet you!
Merci mare see Thank you!
Merci beaucoup mare see boh koo Thank you very much!
De rien dah ree-ehn You are welcome/That’s Okay
Excusez-moi ex koo zay mwah Excuse me/Sorry!
S’il vous plaît seel voo play Please
Parlez-vous anglais par lay voo zon glay Do you speak English?
Parlez lentement par lay lehn ta mohn Please speak slowly

Farewell Etiquette in France

As a proper French Etiquette, it is customary to shake hands when greeting, as well as saying goodbye. Therefore, in formal occasions, while leaving one should shake hands once again and wish the person with Au revoir followed by Madame or Monsieur. Hence, the correct form of saying a proper or formal goodbye in France is au revoir Madame/Monsieur. In some places, people even wish each other farewell by shaking hands every day when departing from work. Also, wishing goodbye in a formal manner is also found in restaurants or stores. In informal cases, hugging or kissing is also accompanied with the goodbye phrase.

It is equally essential to know the proper pronunciation if you wish to make the right impression. Lastly, remember that the French are proud of their language and using simple phrases like hello, thank you and goodbye also helps in having a positive impression on them. So, Je dois y aller maintenant. Adieu. (I must go now. Farewell!)

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