Features of the essay genre

An essay is a special work that has its own characteristics. Initially, it arose in connection with the need to disclose some topic through the personality of the author. The essay is characterized by its language, its philosophy, its genre features, which will be discussed below. Understanding the features of the genre will help you better understand this type of work and write a really deep and interesting essay.
Personal approach
This is perhaps one of the important components of any essay. If in scientific works such as term papers and theses requires the use of scientific language, assumed rigor, logic, brevity and the impossibility of subjective presentation (speed “I think”, “I noticed”, “according to my observations”), in the essay in the first place are the thoughts and associations of the author. In the essay you do not have to be objective and can even make paradoxical statements.
Freedom of presentation
From the personal approach follows another genre feature of the essay, which consists in the fact that you can use spoken language, give metaphors, aphorisms, Express a variety of emotions. For example, in the thesis the use of exclamation marks and the expression of emotions, impressions are not welcome. Instead of “That’s incredible! All subjects demonstrated excellent results!”you will have to write,’ a quantitative experiment found that 30 out of 30 subjects showed good results.’ But in the essay, you can unleash your emotions and convey them to the reader. However, here you should not be unfounded and replace empty emotions with statistical or other valuable information for the reader.
Trust relationship
If in the course and diploma works in the first place is the reliability of scientific knowledge, the essay is important to build a trusting relationship with the reader. This is because you have to convince him of something. Trust usually occurs when you are open to the reader, share your difficulties, life stories or inspire him to do something. Only then your work will repeatedly emerge in the memory of readers and inspire them to specific actions.
Severity of the problem
The essay usually addresses issues that are of great importance. It can be an appeal to morality, raising a serious social problem, or a reflection on a philosophical task.
The problem does not mean anything negative or associated with significant difficulties. This may be the development of a new product, the creation of new services, thinking about the technologies of the future. This is something that also excites a person and can lead him to action.
A new view on the problem
Turning to a topic that is meaningful to the reader does not mean that it can be a statement of what a person already knows by heart. So, there is no sense again to write the known information on starving people, harm of computer games or excessive food. But if your consideration of the old topic will be unexpected decisions, such an essay, without a doubt, can be very bright. For example, you can offer such computer games that will bring great benefit to a person, or suggest how you can eat a lot and at the same time keep your figure and health. Naturally, it should be something really new and unexpected, and not a description of well-known truths.
Small volume
In our time, information overload people are less willing to spend time on huge treatises. An essay is a small work of only a few pages, on which you need to present the essence. Remove all philosophical arguments, secondary details and present the most valuable to the reader. The brighter you do, the more likely it is that your essay will be retold and cited as an example in the future.
Understanding the peculiarities of the essay genre will help you to write this particular work, not a simple essay or a short essay. But knowledge alone is not enough. If you want to learn how to observe these features in your work, take a couple of any problematic issues and try to write a short essay of 1-2 pages in compliance with the above genre characteristics of the essay. We also recommend you to get acquainted with the materials on the choice of the essay topic, its structure and plan and criteria for evaluating the essay.

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