Features of the autobiographical essay

An autobiographical essay is a special kind of work when you do not need to search and analyze various sources of literature. But it is not so easy to write it, because you will have to talk about yourself: share your memories, impressions, system of values.
What can an essay tell us about you?
When writing an autobiographical essay, keep in mind that it is able to tell things about you that you may not even think about. Reading your work, the teacher or employer immediately notes for yourself how competent and erudite you are. If all your essay is reduced to a listing in the style of “entered into…, married…, graduated from University…”, and even with a bunch of mistakes, the employer can put you on the black list as an uninteresting and illiterate worker, and the teacher will not take the job because of violations of the rules of writing an essay.
Telling about yourself, you unwittingly tell the reader what he would be ashamed to ask you in a personal conversation. For example, in what environment you were brought up, what is your social status, belief system. In the essay, all this can be traced in the mentioned events and statements about anything, so carefully select each sentence.
Technique of writing an autobiographical essay
Defining the purpose of the essay
The content of your autobiographical essay will largely depend on the purpose of its creation. If you have received a task at the University to write an essay, such a task should be more directed to your representation of yourself, for example, a journalist or economist. Then it is necessary to build a storyline around how you came to this profession, what attracted you to it. Often teachers themselves specify what exactly you need to write in the essay.
An autobiographical essay for an employer will depend on what position you are applying for. For example, if you want to work as a Manager, it makes sense to mention all your achievements related to this profession: experience with clients in different companies, taking courses, participating in conferences, competitions and other events. Also, it does not hurt in the form of a short history to mention your ability to establish contacts and maintain communication. The topic of the essay can be: “Why I preferred the work of a Manager”, “How I realize myself through the position of a Manager”, “what benefit I will bring to the company”, etc.
Collection of information
Since the autobiographical essay is dedicated to you, you will have to take information from your past, not from books. First, write down everything you think is important depending on the purpose of the work. It can be victories in competitions, participation in festivals, social work, practical training, internships, crucial events of your life (wedding, army, change of residence, etc.), overcoming life’s difficulties and more. Old photos, personal records, letters, letters, conversations with relatives and old friends will help you to plunge into the past.
At first, just write out whatever you think is important. At the same time you can learn about yourself what was previously hidden from you. For example, find out how much you have already achieved in your chosen profession. In the future, you will choose only relevant information and be able to describe it artistically.
Writing an introduction
Start your essay with something unexpected that will immediately grab the reader’s attention. For example, instead of “my craving for law was manifested…” start with a description of a short fragment: “I stood in the middle of a huge hall and could not believe that all these famous people applauded me.” So you immediately declare yourself as an extraordinary person who can attract attention.
The introduction should not be long so as not to bore the reader. His task-to interest the reader so that he wanted to read the main part. Therefore, after describing a bright fragment, it is reasonable to ask a question or sum up the first result of what was said. For example, you can write: “How was my formation as a future lawyer?”or” Until that moment, I didn’t realize my desire to protect the innocent.” Thus, in the introduction you should formulate some basic statement of your work.
Working with the main part
Since you are writing not just an autobiography, but an essay, after formulating the statement you should give a few strong arguments, placing them in order of importance. Think about what matters most in your profession? What events in your life prove this? This will help you previously collected information about yourself. In the main part they just need to be correctly described, using as arguments. For example, as follows: “My three years of experience in… allowed me to navigate in the field…, get an idea of…”.
Be consistent when writing an essay. If you start with an exciting story, then write the main part in artistic style, otherwise your essay will cause at least surprise. The main thing-do not overdo it by writing too abstract essay or, on the contrary, too monotonous and boring.
— Basil, you said in your profile that you have children and animals. What are their names?
— Daughter’s name is Vasilina, son Basil, and cat I called Vaska.
— Thank You. You are not suitable for the position of creative Director.
Writing a conclusion
In conclusion, summarize your essay by returning to the main idea. Specify, for example, that your decision to be a lawyer was conscious, as… Write a spectacular conclusion will help you article about the types of conclusions in the essay.
Further work with the essay
After writing an essay on this you can finish the work, but in this case the probability of getting a high score or hiring will not be very high. It will be much more correct to work properly with the written essay, add colors, interesting details to it, carefully check for errors (or give it to a competent person), and ask an opinion about your work of relatives and friends.
No less important is the competent design of the essay, with maintaining its structure. The essay, written not only by all the rules, but also vividly, will be a great opportunity for you to Express yourself both in the educational environment and as a candidate for the desired position.

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