Best Websites to Learn Spanish Online

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Ascertain your purpose to learn Spanish before you register on any website.

Knowing a foreign tongue is always considered to be an added advantage, another addition to your list of skill sets. It opens up avenues in professional settings, and encourages you to learn about a new place, its culture, and its people. However, learning a foreign language is never easy. It takes persistent effort and determination, especially if you have never heard or been exposed to it before.

In today’s day and age, where everything is just a click away, a language too can be learned through clicks (mouse clicks). There are several websites that offer assistance to ardent students who are looking to master their linguistics skills. However, picking the right site to thoroughly learn the language can be confusing. So, here is Buzzle’s solution, a list of best websites to learn Spanish.

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This website is specifically aimed at helping Spanish language enthusiasts. Thus, they have broken down over 1,000 pages into a step-by-step conversation course. Depending on your need which is categorized as: I want to speak Spanish conversationally, I want to get a better grade in my Spanish class, and I just want to learn a little Spanish, the user can delve deeper into the free knowledge base. You can also take tests and receive newsletters.


Livemocha offers lessons in 35 languages. This website gives students an access to native speakers, which enhances the overall learning experience. Furthermore, students get to pick their tutors based on their profiles. Thus, this website is a forum not just to learn the language, but also to meet people, know their culture, and make friends.


LingusTV is a website that embraces the modern modes of communication, namely our very own TV. Yes! They have a web TV channel that is devoted to teaching students the language right from the very basics to becoming absolute experts. This website helps not just in learning the language, but also understanding the finer nuances of Spanish.


This website started as an online dictionary, but it moved on to becoming a huge translating and learning site. SpanishDict offers 4 levels for the Spanish language course, with each level further divided into 15 parts. The flashcards, games, and other interactive activities make learning the language incredibly fun. This website provides free web tuition to each and every one of its participants.


Learning Spanish has never been so easy. And busuu shows you exactly how easy it is. It has an excellent user interface which provides conversational material to beginners. If you do not have the time to sit at one place and learn this language, then this website also has an app. So, with busuu, technically, you can learn this language at your convenience.


The British Broadcasting Company runs a language site under its umbrella. This website is an excellent option to learn the language, because it has courses designed according to the learner’s age. It is a one-stop shop for everything Spanish that you can think of. Right from news to radio to games, this site is incredibly engaging, entertaining, and educative.


Duolingo is a free language learning tool. This website and its application offers lessons in and for multiple languages. Once you log on to this site, learning the language becomes quite addictive. It helps the user in improving writing and diction skills with immense practice.

Before you decide to invest some time in learning a new language online, it is important that you ensure where you want to begin from. Know your motive before picking a site. Hope this list of websites helps in improving your language skills and adding value to your knowledge.

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